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Report fake Snapchat accounts

Compared to most social media platforms, Snapchat's process for reporting fraudulent accounts is unclear and difficult to navigate. This guide will help.

Key points about reporting fake accounts to Snapchat:

Snapchat does not act on impersonation reports submitted by authorized representatives. They will only take action on reports submitted by the person being impersonated, or that person's parent or legal guardian.
Snapchat's web form prompts do not include options for people who don't have Snapchat accounts. This makes it hard to report a case of impersonation on the platform, but the instructions below will simplify the process for you.

Follow these steps to report a Snapchat account for impersonation:

Visit this Snapchat support page to submit a request.
Select the option labeled "I want to report a safety concern"
Then select "My Snapchat account"
Next, select "Another Snapchat account is pretending to be me"
Then select "Yes" to view the final section of the report form.
Fill in the form as instructed with as much detail as possible. Double-check your facts make sure everything is accurate and you've provided all relevant information.

To make the process easier to follow, here is an image of the form with the specified options selected:

As noted above, Snapchat's process for reporting fake accounts sucks. For examples of better reporting processes, see:
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Updated on: 05/08/2023

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