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Report fake Instagram accounts

To report a fake account on Instagram, first read the Instagram Help Center article "Report an account that's impersonating you on Instagram".

If you have an Instagram account:
You can visit this Instagram webform and fill in the required information to request help from Instagram.
You can also report the fake account from the user's profile page within the Instagram app, but this method is less effective than the webform above. To use this method, follow the instructions in this Instagram article.

If you don't have an Instagram account or if you're acting as an authorized representative on behalf of someone else, you can report a fake profile with these steps:
Complete this online form.
Provide as much detail as possible about the fake account that you are reporting.
Be sure to include the username of the account in question so that Instagram's team can review it effectively.
Once you've reported the fake account, Instagram will review the report. Keep in mind that Instagram may need more information from you, or they may not action on the account if they determine it does not violate their community guidelines.

When you report an impersonation account, Instagram will ask you to provide documentation that proves you're the person you're claiming to be, such as a driver’s license or passport. Additionally, Instagram may not take action on reports that are incomplete or do not meet the requirements outlined in their reporting procedures.

Pro tip: If someone is impersonating you on Instagram, then they're probably violating copyright laws by using your photos, videos, and other content without your permission. Reporting a copyright violation is simpler than reporting impersonation, but there are some risks involved. To report. an account for copyright violation, follow the instructions our article titled Instagram DMCA, or use this free DMCA template to send the report as an email. Instagram's email address for copyright reports is See their Copyright info page for more contact methods.

Updated on: 25/08/2023

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